Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday in the Fresh Air and Sunshine...playing tag and hanging out...I met a wonderful neighbor who sent her son to the local Montessori school last year. Her son is my dd's age and they had a great time climbing over some rocks together. :)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Crazy crazy week!

Wow, this week was CRAZY! We are trying a new medication--yes, I guess I am a Ritalin mama now--for my dd with autism. The Ritalin worked and then just suddenly stopped working and she went nuts. I spent hours trying to calm her down...I'm physically and emotionally exhausted. Beyond exhausted. I watched Mozart and The Whale again last night just to get a greater picture into how she is feeling and thinking so that I could be more compassionate. Today she started Concerta which is supposed to not run out as quickly as Ritalin, goodness I hope it works, we can't have another week like this!!!

Sunday in the green grass....we found a snake and a locust in it's shell during our adventures....

Welcome to my new blog!


I wanted to make a pretty blog here on google after being inspired by others that I have seen. :) I'm excited to be here and will hopefully be moving some of my pics and posts over here soon!